Grand Opening

Hello, everyone! The grand opening of the new Cooshy Sushi bar will be tommorow! Don’t miss it! You can enjoy pleasant atmosphere, people and of course try our best sushi. We can offer u variety of maki and sushi. The first 50 people can try our meal for free(!). Lounge music, nice prices, friendly staff will help u to relax and feel the real taste of japanese sushi.   The cookes really know what are they doing! They really know how to bring the best out of whatever they are serving up…it melts in your mouth…be warned though…you maye have a”Harry met Sally” moment. When this place opens you will be in for a treat! You should know that japanese food is a soul food. I believe that japanese food contains spirit conceived through th pride, love, care and attention to the smallest of the details applied by the chief to dishes small, large, complex and simple.Cooshy Sushi

No more words, just come and enjoy the piece of Japan in Lille! You will not find place like this anywhere!!!


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One Response to Grand Opening

  1. I just LOVE sushis!! I could eat some everyday 😉

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